• Activities - Components

    The main challenges of this project that aim at the strengthening and improvement of the HRM capacities in the CSB and the Ministries of Industry, Tourism, Social Affairs, and Public Health, revolve around the design and introduction of state-of-the art HR systems based on the competency approach (for merit based recruitment, advancement and promotion and performance appraisal), the development and implementation of training plans based on training needs assessment and the design of a new Training Management IT system that will support OMSAR in the management of training activities. The project activities allow the CSB to improve its overall managerial capacities and are also expected to enable the CSB to develop familiarity with the European best practices as well as specific knowledge and skills for the benefit of the whole country. Furthermore, the testing of the new recruitment, promotion and performance appraisal systems contributes to improving the performance of the public administration in Lebanon. The project implementation is organised around four Components.

  • Component 1: Current situation analysis

    Scope: to analyse the existing HRM capacities in the four (4) Ministries and the Civil Service Board, in order to develop a deep understanding of the structural and cultural changes expected after the introduction of the new HR systems in the context of this project. Based on the HR capacity building needs assessment, the appropriate capacity building measures for the four Ministries and CSB will be proposed with full support for implementation. Activities: Analyse and develop existing Human Resources Management Capacities

  • Component 2: Introduction of new Human Resources Management Systems

    Scope: to design a new merit-based recruitment system, advancement and promotion system, and a performance appraisal system and to support their implementation within the Civil Service Board and the four (4) Ministries.

  • Component 3: Training Development and Implementation

    Scope: to develop and implement Training Needs and Impact Assessments methodologies, Training Plans in the CSB and four ministries and to design a new Training Management System that will fully support OMSAR’s future training projects.

  • Component 4: Project Management and Visibility

    Scope: to successfully manage and coordinate the project activities, to achieve the objectives set and the anticipated results within the foreseen time-schedule and the resources available, to achieve the quality standards set, and to safeguard the project visibility.

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